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Fluorescence brightener OB-1

Ingredients: 2,2'-(Vinylenedi-p-phenylene)bis[5-tert-butylbenzoxazole]

Structural formula:

Technical index:

Appearance yellow color powder
Melting point ≥359°C
Assay ≥98%
Fineness >200mesh

Properties and features:

1, high whitening intension, with strong Fluorescence .

2, broad application, including polyester, Nylon and plastics.

3, good resistance to weather and high temp.


1, suitable for polyester, Nylon and polypropylene

2, suitable for PP plastic, hard PVC, ABS, EVA, PS and PC

3, suitable for normal polymerization of polyester and Nylon.

4, suitable for molding plastic in high temp..

Dosage: Dosage: per 1000kg material

1,75-200g for EVA, polypropylene, Nylon, PC.

2, 75-300g for polyester.

Packing & storage: 1kg×12 or 2kg×5 paper boxes, 25kg/drum lined with plastic bag or following your demands, kept in cool and dry place, avoid light.


1, Reference only.

2, please contact us for more details.

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