Engineering plastic

Main production categories:

1. Polypropylene PP modified plastic series

2, Reinforced nylon PA6 PA66 series

3, PC / ABS series

Main processing categories:

Plastic granulation, plastic pigments, design and production service according to customer's requirements for plastic properties or color.

Chengsu Technology

Established in 2001, Hangzhou Chengsu Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. has long been engaged in the production and development of plastic pigments, plastic coloring and plastic modified products.

In terms of plastic coloring: to ensure the good stability of products, we use high-quality pigments (dyes) and auxiliaries, test and control plastic colors through computer spectrophotometric system plus years of experience.

As to the aspect of plastic modification: we are equipped with professional technology and advanced production equipment such as twin-screw and double-stage unit extrusion equipment. With years of production experience and technical level, we have the good ability to improve the quality continuously; at the same time, we can design formulas and provide production services for you according to the quality requirements of different products.

Focused on quality, our company is highly confident and capable of providing you with quality products and technical services.

Our products and services:

Plastic coloring: masterbatch, toner, color card, etc.

Engineering plastics: PP series, ABS series, PA-6, PA-66, PC/ABS series, etc.


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